May 2, 2008

i got paid today....hehehe
yup, i got paid for my 9-session tutorial....we will resume by june or july...when my student wiil have her class again, maybe to help her in her assignments and to further explain some points she would not understand from their lecture in class...
i just hope she learned something from me...and hoping that our sessions would help her, this coming school year....
know what..???it really feels good when your student would understand what youre trying to teach him/her...
everytime she says," AHHHH ok..." its like, "wow..!! i just helped her understand things she dont know before..." im also really thankful to her, cause i also learned some things from her...(she gave me advise in achne problems...heehehe) more tutorials for the rest of summer....wonder what would keep me busy in the last month of summer just sure of one thing....i want to make this summer really really different from my past summer vacations..!!!take care to all...dadah..!!(^__^)


Florence said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links?


From the Eyes of my Heart said...

hi veniz =)

yup yup! teaching is very fulfilling. enjoy the fruits of your labor! and the rest of the summer =)


francesca said...

wow, buti ka pa may pera kapag summer. take care!:)

E-Tavasi said...

my dear friends :)

I have problem with my own domain name :(

please change my blog link to

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