April 28, 2008

silly picture taking in class...

during our class we always get bored...!!i guess its usual to all college student...(i just guess, cause it seems that everyone i know shares the same idea)

well, we sometimes find ways to have fun, even during class.....might sound crazy and rude to the prof,but what can we do..??its really boring to sit for an hour and a half...
everytime our prof turns his back on us and writes in the board, we usually do silly things...one of which is taking pictures even inside the classroom and even during lectures...these are just some of those pics we took during class...for more pics you can visit my friendster account http://profiles.friendster.com/vineitem


Etavasi said...

nice picture :D looks happy and fun

Bravespirit said...

Look like a happy bunch. Have a great weekend you guys. See you around.

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