June 20, 2008

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project puzzle

Our project puzzle is at last done…!!!

yup....finished it last thursday by our fellow project puzzle member memet, she is our team leader actually(nyahahaha)...

i still cant post the pics of the finished product...cause our members(kuno) decided to have the pictorials on sunday...so that all member(kuno) will be present in our group picture...hehehe

now, i can share to you pics taken, while we were on our struggle(hihihi...as if...!!) to finish our project puzzle...

a little trivia....

can you guess which one is my hand..???

cute pic,yeahh..!!

hope you can drop by here as soon as the photos are posted...


since im a part of the PROJECT PUZZLE i grabbed this post from my ate anniniput...as in, copy paste...hehehe

you can read my original write-up about this PROJECT PUZZLE in mystolenshots, maybe ill be posing it later this afternoon...hope you read it there...

well, heres what my ate anniniput said,

I was given a jigsaw puzzle by ate bing. 1000 pieces of puzzles! Though I love solving puzzles, but this one I decided to just keep it because I don't think I can finish it myself. But last sunday, I was with my friendships, we decided to start the project and finish it as soon as we can. Oh men!!! We really had soooo much fun doing the whole thing! We started last sunday, and we did it for 5 consecutive days, I mean nights. Every after work and school, we meet at the receiving room of our KH. It's a brainstorming of minds and talents,LOL! I really should thank my friendships, I just coudn't do it alone. You know who you are friends...mga certified najud ta aning HALIMAW!!! hihihi! Once again we've proven that if we're together, we can do amazing and beautiful things with our beloved HANDS!





These are just some of the pics we've got during our project puzzle sessions,LOLOLOL! Thanks to ate analou, our official photographer and to all those who supported us during our most nosebleeding moments! See ya again friendships..later we will do the final touch! Please watch out for the finish product. Will post it here s00n! wink!!! Will post it to in my other blog, more pictures coming up!

June 17, 2008

cloned chicken eggs spreading...!!!

yes, china is manufacturing cloned chicken eggs...

these eggs really looks like a real chicken egg, even when you open it or when you cook it... it looks and taste exactly the same as a real genuine chicken egg...

but precaution, original is still the best....and after eating cloned eggs in a matter of a week, we had this itchy rashes...

yes...my mom, grandmom, my sis and me...!!well its not yet proven, if the cloned egg is the real cause...but prevention is better than cure...and fakes are really not as good as the real ones...the nutritional value would not be the same...

how to know if its real or cloned..???

well, cloned eggs are about 50% cheaper...here in the Philippines a natural sized egg costs 6pesos, while cloned eggs are sold 3 for 10pesos...see the difference..??

hmmm, I'm not telling you not to buy such eggs....but what I'm just trying to say is, we need to stick with the best quality and that is, the real ones....

June 16, 2008

my 2nd blog

hmmm....to my friends, hope you can visit my second blog...and hope youadd this also to your links...


i got a tag..!!

thanx ate maricel for this tag...

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5. Return to the Momhood Moments blog and leave a comment saying that you joined the tag together with the URL of the tag. I'll be checking on it and add you in the master list.Momhood Moments Tags You List: (updated June 13, 2008 10:14pm GMT+8)

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