April 18, 2008

वर्ल्ड वाइड लिंक love

Thank you te sheila for tagging me with this. I appreciate it!
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Its my turn to tag ana, resebel, saves and veniz.

April 16, 2008

words aren't enough...!!!!

this morning, my best friend sent me this comment in my friendster account....

yes words, really, aren't enough to tell a person how important he/she is to us...

i guess its nice to remind and thank them, once in a while or rahter every now and then, how important they are, how dull our life would be without them, how they completed so many chapters of our life's stories...

to my best friend....tanx for always letting me feel special and loved...i really really appreciate your efforts...tanx love you mers...!!!

waaaa overtime...!!!

i was from my tutorial today....we had to doubletime, cause we only have 8 sessions remaining and we are barely halfway to finish our coverage...huhuhu

im pretty much tired and exhausted....but the good thing is, my student cooperated very well....she answered all the problems i gave her....even though some are really tough for a 12yr old mind...but she showed interest today, not like our last meeting...waaaaahhhh last meeting was really, i dont know what to call it, a NIGHTMARE maybe....cause it seems that she absorbs nothing last time, maybe she was not in the mood...but i always tell her that, my time is being paid for by her mom and she would not like to waste her mother's money...and i guess she was able to think about it, and ching..!!!now she's in the best shape....

hope that mood wont change next session...dada

April 14, 2008

gate crushing(is fun)...hahaha

its summer vacation....and i havent seen my friends for almost 2 weeks, sigh..!!!

i just miss them... i just remember the last time we were together we decided to wander around, actually aimlessly, we dont know where to go and what to do...we just follow where our feet will lead us...we rode bycle with 3wheels, thats what we call tricycad...hehe
we reached a fancy, and famous restaurant, where the foods are so expensive and decided to get in as if we will dine and eat...even though we dont have enough money...but not knowing there is an affair going on, so we "incidentally" GATE CRUSHED..!!haha what a nice experience, we never thought gate crushinh would be that fun...hahaha

ooohhh miss you guys....hoping to see you real soon...!!!
and anticipating for our next experience...

Tutorial anyone.???

wow i got another tutorial job last week..!!!

BS math is really a lucrative course for students...hehehe
most of my classmates have their tutorial jobs too, we earn while studying...and while earning we are also learning...!!!yes, its true....we learn new and shorter techniques in solving problems which we havent learned in our highschool years....

actually i do admit,math is hard...!!!sometimes i feel like giving up...specially with really strict and wierd proffesors...!!hah...quitting is the best way to free from my worries and hastles...specially next year..!!!waaaaa next year..!! we will have our thesis..!!!huhu...

yes, i know..!!! 1 year more and ching..! hastles gone, worries free...
but know what.??with the earnings i get from my tutorial, wheew..i find new reasons to finish this course...!!!hihihi(kara sen???!!! di ah... another reason lang to finish my studies...)

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