March 20, 2008

meet my fwens


gie, vine and cath

giev, cath and vinegie and giev
cath and vine

March 19, 2008

back atlast...

weew....its been a while since my last post right???hehehe

it has a really been a tough week....with all those exams, requirements to be passed, and all of those, what they call "ka ek-ekan ng mga teachers".....

the good thing is im now free with those burden....haa!i just hope i pass my exam in ECONOMICS...!!!actually that was the hardest i think....harder than my major exams....
well, ikaw ba naman, you have to memorize the laws in Agrarian reform and Taxation....memorizing, is just not my forte...!!!!im not good in that....

later this afternoon we'll be going to one of my grandpa's house....he invited us over for dinner....hope i can post some pics when i get home if ,that is if, i still have time to do so....

well enough for now.....da da!!

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