June 14, 2008

Zamboanga City sign language batch1 graduates


our sign language class begun, i think, last march 2005.....hmmmm if im not mistaken...hehehe
we had our class every monday night from 6-8pm....and after a yr, on may 23,2006, we graduated as Zamboanga City's sign language batch1 ...

i never expected that learning a new language, is that fun...well, thanx to our classmates(fellow Jehovah's Witnesses), the experience was really great...cant figure out whats the right term to use...but it was really fun...

and besides the new faces we met in our class, we now have the priveledge to extend our ministry to the deaf community...

hmmm...te ann thanx for this photo shack...!!and thanx for changing my pic...i look better here...hehehe salamat te ann..!!!

June 13, 2008

go green..


thanx ate charm for this tag...

“Do you know that the world population is expanding at a mind-boggling rate? Yes, it is. It is estimated that the population will go up to 9 billions by 2050. That’s mean if the world’s natural resources were evenly distributed, our children or/ and grandchildren will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people in 1950 had.

If we intend to leave our children and grandchildren with the same standard of living we have enjoyed, we must preserve the foundation of that standard of living. We save for college educations, orthodontia, and weddings, but what about saving clean air, water, fuel sources and soil for future generations?”

-source taken from http://www.gogreeninitiative.org/content/WhyGoGreen/

We do not need be a soldier, aggressively marching down the battle field, to help our Mother Nature. Just be yourself and go green in your daily activities.

Here are 10 ways how we can go green:

1. Crank the knob
According to the National Environment Agency in Singapore, air-conditioned buildings need only to set their thermostat between 23°C and 25°C. Anything lower is a waste as you simply won’t feel a difference in temperature. For every degree you adjust, you spare the air 500 pounds of carbon dioxide.

2. Sweat the small stuff
According to http://ecofabulous.blogs.com, if every worker used one less staple, we’d save up to 330,000 tons of steel a day. That’s some heavy metal! Switch to a staple-less stapler, available at stationery shops, which folds paper to bind it.
3. Clean green
Household cleaning products give off chemical emissions that aren’t only harmful to the planet, but to you too. Swap yours for the eco-friendly and completely non-toxic Shaklee Get Clean products.

4. Age your driving style
Don’t speed: going 90km/h instead of 110km/h slashes fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent. If your car is fitted with a cruise control option, use it when you’re driving on teh highway to maintain a steady speed and save on fuel.

5. Eat closer to home
Transporting produce across oceans or by air is amajor contributor to pollution. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation reported in 2006 that 18 per cen of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions were due to the international meat industry. Choose locally farmed produce and the demand for imported stuff will fall, along with CO2 levels.

6. Stash your trashRecycle.
Yes, it’s an obvious one and you would think that after hearing it so many times, we’d be non-stop recycling machines by now, but there are still so may of us who aren’t doing it! We chuck 19,000 tons of waste everyday, enough to fill 36 Petronas Twin Towers in a year! About 95 per cent of the waste ends up in landfills, which we’re quickly running out of, and who knows how much of it could have been recycled?

7. Be a cone head
The next time you feel like eating ice-cream, ask for a cone, not cup. That way, you can eat the whole ‘packaging’ and there’s no paper cup or plastic spoon to toss out.

8. Say no to the machine
Don’t ask for ATM receipts. If every one in the USA refused theirs, it would save a roll of paper more than two billion feet long, or enough to circle the equator 15 times. Malaysians would create a roll more than 330 million feet long, going round the equator two and a half times.

9. Think natural and cool
Using cold water to do the laundry saves 50 per cent more energy than using hot water. To dry, hang them out in the sun - the heat is a natural disinfectant - and you’ll again be saving energy, as an automatic dryer uses an average of six per cent of the household electricity.

10. Make sure your fashion is green.
We’re not going to say stop dry cleaning your clothes, because that’s just an impossible request. The next time you do, however, tell the cleaners to skip the plastic. Also, find a greener cleaner - Pressto dry cleaners use biodegradeable stain removers and detergents, and theor machines are eco-friendly too, designed by an in-house team of engineers and technicians. There are outlets in Sri Hartamas (opposite Cat’s Whiskers boutique) and Bangsar (Jalan Maarof).

-taken from FEMALE magazine JUNE issue.

Isn’t it easy?
If each of us play a small role in helping our Mother Nature, I am sure our children or/ and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the same or similar standard of living we had today. So, why not we start today, this very moment! Let’s Go Green, shall we?

I’m tagging malyn, winnie, and anniniput.

Go Green with AGP…

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3. Go Green! in your daily activities.
4. (optional) Write about Go Green! in your blog.
Once you have added your blog into the list, Jean will be visiting you. So, please ensure that you have installed the blogroll & flash badge in your sidebar. If everything is in order, you will be added to the blogroll. I would like to encourage participants to visit and get to know each other, a pat at the back perhaps

im sick..!!!huhu

to everyone that i haven't added on my links now....im really sorry, im having colds...MyEm0.CoM
i think due to sudden weather changes....
i really want to add you now, but i really dont feel good...please do bear with me... MyEm0.CoM

ill be adding you as soon as i feel better...i promise..!!!true....

i just really have to rest now...bye internet muna....ill see you again, when my colds are gone...
goodnight for now...MyEm0.CoM

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June 12, 2008

Picture Captions

hi ate joy ball, sorry talga...i let you down twice...te sorry, wag u sana sawa...hehehe
[Caption.iT - Picture Captions]

visiting mountains....

Waaaa….I don’t have the pictures yet…hope i can post the pics one of these days…as soon as possible..!!!!

Just imagine hiking uphill with your skirt, as in palda…!!!hehehe yeah its true….we went to Muruk a mountain here in Zamboanga to visit the people with the aim of preaching the good news of the kingdom. (Matthew 24:14)….so that’s the reason why we were in our skirts….at first its hard to climb uphill with the skirts swinging and the wind dashing…but i tell you, you’ll just get used to it…take it from me, actually I got used to it, for 5 years we visited far flung mountains with skirts and now I can say that im skilled in climbing mountains even in skirts…heehehe
What made the trip hard..??? hmmmm it rained again, just right after we ate our lunch… the rain poured so strong…that the ground was so slippery….that some of our companions have to take off their sandals and shoes and used slippers instead just to avoid slipping…

The journey was so long…(journey daw..??)hehehe….but after the long tiring walks and slippery ground…the trip was worth our efforts….hope the seed fell on the fine ground…but the hard thing is, returning to cultivate it…waaaaa its really really far to visit again….
Muruk.?? see you next year…hehehehe
hmmmm really tired and sleepy now....MyEm0.Com

June 10, 2008

good night

waaaaa....my head is aching and i cant sleep...huhuhu
still hoping that i'll get a good night sleep and wishing to have the sweetest dream tonight....

good night to all of you......mwaaaahh kiss

a need a head bang..!!!

Waaaaaa….. im having a headache headache…!!!huhuhu

Maybe because of the rain this afternoon… we where riding a motorcycle on our way home, when the rain poured so hard…result..??? huh, we got really really wet..!!! and now am having a headache…huhuhuhuhhu

I guess I have to rest early tonight…hmmmmm sweet dreams to all…sleep tight…!!!

first day funk..!!!summer vacation is over...waaaaaaaaaa

waaaaaa.....school time..!!!

hmmmm first day of school....hmmm i still have the summer hang-over....still can't believe i have to go back to school now...goodbye to thursday wholeday preaching....goodbye to late night TV viewing(???)...hehehe no..!!! not goodbye to that i still can watch late at night..hehehe

going back to school has its own nice thing, like meeting youre friends and classmates again after 2months of wandering around with out them...now with class breaks you can go out with them....

but you know whats the nicest thing that happened today....???? it rained so hard, that they have to suspend afternoon classes..!!!!hahahaha

so nice....vacation is extended....and guess what..??? i donjt have class on wednesdays and saturdays....which means that i dont have to go to school tomorrow..!!!hahahaha

i wish its still summer vacation..huhuhu

she truly touched my heart..!!! (HOPE YOU READ THIS....!!!!)

last Saturday when we were having our deaf ministry...we bumped in to a house with a 17yr old girl named Diana..Diana is not only deaf, but also blind...!!it really touched my heart to see her in that condition, her mother told us that when she was just 3months old, she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart and, take note, overdosed with wrong medication...which caused her really ill situation now...
in her dark soundless world, lies an innocent young lady(should i say)....with her eyes who never have seen this violent, obscene world... with ears,that never heard the sad realities of life...!!!!
with the fact that i once had a rheumatic heart when i was born but fortunately got the rigth medication.....i can't help but think... "what if im in her shoe?what kind of world would i be living?is that a world, better than what i have now?no problems?no worries?or is that a world full of 'what ifs'?what if i can see..?what if i can hear.??what is the world really like..??or would her world be a world no one would ever want to have?"
so many questions running in my mind...she just really touched my heart...!!!

June 9, 2008

Thanks te charm for this tag..

Here are the Rules for this tag:Remove one (1) question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag eight (8) people on your list. List them out at the end of this post.

1. What is your favorite food?- french fries...

2. What was your happiest moment when you were a child?-can't remember....

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?-Korea

4. When is your birthday?- August 25

5. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?- keep myself in silent.(same answer)

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?- my faith

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?- treat my family for a trip around the world...

8. What is the saddest moment for you last year (2007)?-none i think, or maybe i just can't remeber...poor memory...hehee

9. Which actor/actress would you like to play you in a movie?- Thalia

10. How do you cope with boredom?- turning on the TV

11. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?- falling in love with an unbeliever at such an early age...wahaha (drama)

12. What type of person do you hate the most?- nourished with VITAMIN "I"

13. What is your ambition?- funny though, but i stll dont know(at this age, huh??wierd!!)

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?- my grandma's right eye back

15. How did you celebrate New Year?- like an ordinary day...(with eye bags..!!our neigbor patronizes fireworks sooooooo much..!!)

16. What has been the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your whole life?- having A boyriend before....???hahaha... i really find it crazy..!! but its just once... i have forgiven myself!

17. Do you still remember your first love?- hmmmm....yup

18. What do you look forward for this year(2008)? -finish my Thesis

19. What is your inspiration in life?- Jehovah God and Family....

20. If you given the chance to go back in your past, in what part of your life will you go back for a day?-i would not take my course now, i really regret taking up BS MATH...waaaaaaa

Now I'm tagging wendy, te jerla , te shiela , utah mommy , ZHoe Wynz , angela , anniniput and te vannie.

June 8, 2008

it has been a long tiring day...!!!

todaaay has been a long tiring saturday..!!
i woke up early this morning, fixed my bed(the usual morning rituals and all...), went to the Kingdom Hall (church of the Jehovah's Witnesses) for the meeting before our feild service...huh...would you beleive we (me and my cousin te jewel) where the early bird, we were the first to arrive...!!!hahahaaa for the first time in history..!!! if you have read my older post, i said that i am always late in every thing...!!!hahaha truly record breaking..!!!hihihi
we went to 36, upper calarian for our deaf search...30 minutes ride from our place...we paid 13pesos to the jeepney we hired, "pakyaw", that is what we call it...sad to say we haven't found a ny deaf-mute person...
for lunch we ate at kuya Archie's house....who sponsored opur lunch every saturday for 4weeks now...thanx alot to his family specially to nanay(MOM), and tatay(DAD)....who extended their roof and material food for us....
after our lunch, we went to Tumaga to visit Beverly, a deaf bible study of ate jewel...we paid 50pesos to the tricycle in which we rode...it was about 20mins ride from upper calarian...her place is located in a slum area, but we see to it that somebody can go and visit her once in a week...
going back to the Kingdom Hall for our Congregation Book Study (CBS), we first rode a tricycad...and walked the rest of the way...we passed by a hanging bridge about 500meters long, with no hand bars anymore, but it was still safe to use i think...
our CBS finished by 5pm...then JM and Kuya archie (both signers) went to our house to check ate jewel's laptop....and more things happened...
well, to cut the long story short....it was a really long tiring day..!!!

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