June 14, 2009

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for almost 3 months i have been waiting for the Career Service Examination Result...

A total of 5,998 examinees passed the career service examinations administered nationwide last March 29, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) reported. This as the CSC reminds interested applicants of the July 26 Professional and Sub-Professional written examinations that applications will be accepted until June 10 only.Said number of passers comprises 10 percent out of the 60,009 examinees who took the March 29 exam. Of the figure, 4,312 or 71.89 percent were successful examinees of the Professional level while the rest were passers of the Sub-Professional test.

Jose Rafael D. Neme from National Capital Region (NCR) topped the Professional level with a rating of 90.68, while Romina Shayne T. Gabriel, also from NCR, topped the Sub-Professional level with a 92.68 rating.According to CSC, the new Professional and Sub-Professional eligibles can be appointed to second level positions and first level positions, respectively, in the government that are not covered by Bar, Board or other special laws, provided they meet the education, experience and training requirements of the positions.

Posted: June 9, 2009

Source: http://www.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/cscweb.html

Araneta, Marlowe M.

Atamosa, Flora V.

Bakino, Alzhen N.

Barredo, Chamberlain Y.

Basa, Arjayko T.

Basilio, Antonette C.

Benito, Franco Rommel B.

Bustamante, Jayson D.

Cabanlit, Prince Don R.

Candillas, Jory Jack Lord V.

Carreon, Ruel B.

Carrillo, Kimberly L.

Cawley, Arlo Alexander M.

Credo, Christine Louie G.

Dabodabo, Sul P.

Dagpin, Nerie B.

Dagpin, Rachel D.

De Guzman, Rolen Ken A.

Delos Reyes, Ella Kathrina M.

Delos Reyes, James B.

Diaz, Ryan S.

Doyungan, Lezyl Joy C.

Ducusin, Edilyn Joy J.

Elemia, Anna Mae B.

Elumba, Dave E.

Enon, Nick Lyndon C.

Esponilla, Joseph Ryan M.

Falconete, Judith Marie Milanie A.

Fernandez, Renie N.

Fernandez, Vincent Franciz T.

Flores, Aubrey May V.

Francisco, Franz Josef M.

Gaceta, Jereme M.

Gacis, Flordelyn M.

Gahuman, Gabriel Jr L.

Galicia, Liza Anne C.

Galvez, Oriel M.

Gerong, Joven P.

Gonzales, Chona A.

Gonzales, Laurika L.

Grafia, Genevieve P.

Gumaras, Deborah P.

Hamsirani, Ombre Jr M.

Hassan, Alnizar I.

Humpa, Cherry Mae S.

Iglesia, Bryan B.

Ilustrado, Joan V.

Isong, Roderick A.

Item, Vinedette L.

Korlan, Angelica S.

Labastida, Bryant G.

Lagata, Ricci Jeanne T.

Liberato, Clariz Marie O.

Liquigan, Shiela Mae L.

Lozano, Sheena Mae L.

Lumacang, Kornessa A.

Macaraig, Rojane B.

Maghanoy, Kathryn E.

Maglinte, Anabelle S.

Mancion, Hazel L.

Mangubat, Alemar A.

Marchan, Erika Lee G.

Mariano, Jhoe Vincent A.

Maribao, Ruby Ross Q.

Muego, Christopher V.

Natividad, Noelle V.

Nieva, Jeanalyn B.

Olegario, Claire Marie T.

Opeña, Caroline C.

Orbase, Princess Mae B.

Ordinaria, Ewald S.

Poliarco, Jonah R.

Poracan, Lykar G.

Quilala, Vida Mae S.

Regalado, Ma. Theresa J.

Quiñones, Girlie A.

Quin, Sitti Vilma M.

Rellon, Dino Q.

Reyes, Jayson V.

Ruiz, Mae Sunshine B.

Sabanganm Roberto T.

Sabijon, Maureen Mae C.

Salcedo, Edelyn D.

Schuck, Paul E.

Somosa, Larry R.

Tanguamos, Jaymar M.

Taquiqui, Bonn Christopher H.

Villanueva, Almar E.

Uy, Ansen T.

The result of July 26, 2009 Professional and Sub-Professional written examination Result (CS Examination Prof and Sub-Prof July 26, 2009 Result), will also be posted in this site.


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