February 12, 2012

and i'm back..!!!

hey i missed this place! it has been a while though. actually I was shocked when i noticed that my last post was JUNE 14, 2009..! that's almost 3 years..! wheeew!

well, well now i'm back and pretty much in good shape to start things all over again..! and thanks a lot to my cousin anniniput, who gave a hand in repairing my long lost blog. actually my email add had been long forgotten...!

well, to share something about the three years, i remember the last time i blogged was months after my graduation... hadn't had a job back then! now? i had found a job! i mean, i had two jobs now since then.

i now work in a local government unit... but i'm planning to look for another one within this year... the stress i get there takes a toll on my physical wellness and on my sanity.! i swear its true..!

i'm on a job hunt now... a job in which i don't have to spend 8 hours a day... a job that would let me serve Jehovah ...

any job ideas there? i'm sure it'll help


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