June 14, 2009

...nEw cUt...

i had mah hair cut Thursday this week...

after 6yrs, its short again...!!

schooling days are over... a new chapter unfolds, i have to find a job now... not like before i just leave the earning to my parents... and juz wait for my allowance...!! but now, things are different, i have to earn for myself and for my family as well...connection with mah new hair-cut..???

hmmf ill share to you, a little secret....cutting my hair very short, had always been my way of telling people that im ready and willing to forget things that should and must be forgotten... like the hair that has been cut-off, memories and feelings are left behind...

but now, its not that i want to forget something, its more of welcoming new things to come mah way.. bagong buhay, kumbaga...!!hihi

yeah bah... new hair cut, for a new chapter of my life...!!!


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