June 10, 2008

she truly touched my heart..!!! (HOPE YOU READ THIS....!!!!)

last Saturday when we were having our deaf ministry...we bumped in to a house with a 17yr old girl named Diana..Diana is not only deaf, but also blind...!!it really touched my heart to see her in that condition, her mother told us that when she was just 3months old, she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart and, take note, overdosed with wrong medication...which caused her really ill situation now...
in her dark soundless world, lies an innocent young lady(should i say)....with her eyes who never have seen this violent, obscene world... with ears,that never heard the sad realities of life...!!!!
with the fact that i once had a rheumatic heart when i was born but fortunately got the rigth medication.....i can't help but think... "what if im in her shoe?what kind of world would i be living?is that a world, better than what i have now?no problems?no worries?or is that a world full of 'what ifs'?what if i can see..?what if i can hear.??what is the world really like..??or would her world be a world no one would ever want to have?"
so many questions running in my mind...she just really touched my heart...!!!


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