June 10, 2008

first day funk..!!!summer vacation is over...waaaaaaaaaa

waaaaaa.....school time..!!!

hmmmm first day of school....hmmm i still have the summer hang-over....still can't believe i have to go back to school now...goodbye to thursday wholeday preaching....goodbye to late night TV viewing(???)...hehehe no..!!! not goodbye to that i still can watch late at night..hehehe

going back to school has its own nice thing, like meeting youre friends and classmates again after 2months of wandering around with out them...now with class breaks you can go out with them....

but you know whats the nicest thing that happened today....???? it rained so hard, that they have to suspend afternoon classes..!!!!hahahaha

so nice....vacation is extended....and guess what..??? i donjt have class on wednesdays and saturdays....which means that i dont have to go to school tomorrow..!!!hahahaha

i wish its still summer vacation..huhuhu


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