July 4, 2008

when God dropped a paint box part 1

hmmm... i was really amazed by the pics sent to me by ate anniniput in my email add...

we really should be thankful to Jehovah's loving provision....

hope you'll like this pics.....

real picture
outside california

perfect blend of red, yellow and orange
in clear water reflection

rays of the sun adds splendor and beauty

red and brown shades
impeccable purple, red and orange

sun light illuminates
a magnificent view

hmmm.... aren't they wonderful..????

i will post the part 2 of6 equally amazing pics in my stolenshots account hope you can drop by and witness God's staggering creations.....^__^


kezialee said...

nice shot!

duniaku said...

that's right!!!

i like this picture very much ;)

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