July 1, 2008

here's the pictures i promised to post..!!!

this is the continuation of tile mosaic project for the College of Science and Mathematics walk of fame..!!!!hope you enjoy.....

picture taken while deciding what tile color we would use

Mathematical Society logo (dodecagon) in the center
with the sigma and integral sign
hehehe....nice one...right...???
finished product...!!!!
it was indeed an amazing experience.... i really never thought that i would be breaking tiles(huh...!! its expensive kaya...) hehehe....but i think our tile mosaic was a success...!!!!

p.s. our dean found it really nice, so we will be the ones to make the CSM tile mosaic logo...!!! indeed a great priveledge...hmmmm watch out for the next pics next time the tile mosaic for the entire CSM would be a lot more tiring, better and much bigger than this one...


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