July 5, 2008

thesis..??? a big headache...!!

waahhh...this thesis thing gives me a really bad headache...!!!!huhuhuMyEm0.CoM

i don't know what to do..... its as if im going no where, which topic should i choose..???which is doable..???can i really make it..???huhuhu what should i do..???

i found about 20topics now...MyEm0.CoMbut i really don't know what to choose, its just that, im thinking what if i cant finish it..??
maybe its easy in the beginning but later on, i find it hard to finish..???huhuhuhMyEm0.CoM

waaaa, and we have to pass our 2 topics on July 18...and i forgot if that is at most or at least 2...!!!

can anybody help me on this..???MyEm0.CoM


enday said...

la pa kaming ganyan eh.

hehe pero siguradong ganyan din reaksyon ko pag nagkaron na kami nyan..



Eyebags said...

goodluck sa thesis!!

catherine said...

honestly, no one can help you... haha! I had a hard time to do my thesis while I was having my Bachelor Degree. Really, really tough! But don't give up! One day you can finish it!

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