July 22, 2008

Interesting Pictures

i was surfing yesterday, trying to find pictures of Jose Rizal and some related pics for my power point report in my history class, when i bumped into this interesting pictures....

Mr. Ant,
Up Close and Personal
Magnified ant head
This magnified view of an ant’s head shows its large compound eyes and jointed antennae. Ants are social insects—they live in organized colonies.

more with animals...

meet Mr. Shed

Snake shedding its skin
A snake sheds its skin painlessly as it grows. It begins by rubbing its nose against rocks or other hard objects to separate the old layer from its lips. As the old layer is loosened, the snake crawls out of the skin.

i really like animals, but not in this case....hehehehe....

Mr. Ant looks nicer if its small.....and Mr. Shed do look cute if its still small....but thank you nalang, if lumaki na....hehehe so Mr. Shed stop shedding off more skin, you lokk better when your small...hihihih

conclusion..???small things really are cute and nice looking....im a living proof...^__^....nyahaha

pictures from Microsoft Children's Encarta Encyclopedia


treen said...

nice pict. i loved it.

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