June 5, 2008

early this morning i went to school to finish enrolling....hah..!!!there were so many people in line in the cashier...now im starting to beleive that the Philippines is the LINE capital of the world....
yeah it's a sad reallity, that here in the phils you have to stand in line to wait for a couple of minutes or even hours just to pay in the cashier, to use public restrooms, to order in fast food chains, to get in a public utility vehicle, and even to buy food, that is, rice ( filipino's staple food at that..!!!)....
well, let's go back to my enrollment....(hehehe)
i just want to thank my friend CATH for processing my enrollment....thanx to her the only thing i have to do this morning was just to pay in the cashier.....she done most of the payments, "standing in line" for so many hours....Cath pangeeeeeeeeet ikaw....hehehe tlamat ling..!!!


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