April 22, 2008

veniz gets a day off

day off huh...???

the mother of my student(in my tutorial job) sent me a message this morning that we will not be having our session today cause she'll get her vaccinated, of what vaccine.??i really dont know, but im sure glad i didnt have to go today...!!! maybe im just not in the mood or maybe cause im not really prepared for our discussion today...
actually we are supposed to start our discussion on Geometry today...yes its our first day in our, second phase...!!! the first phase was basically about algebra and i havent found a hard time about that...but goemetry..???well, i dont know...its just that i think i already forgot our lessons in geom...so i have to do an advance reading before we start our session...well thanx for that whatsoever vaccine that i have more time to do my reading...!!!


eackouye said...

iba nga naman ang matalino sa math...hehehe... beauty and brain :)

Christoff said...

Hi there,

I came across your site via linkreferral and pop'ed in for a look.

Really cool site! Keep it up!


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