April 22, 2008

sudoku challenge...

i learned to play sudoku for about 3 years now...Sudoku is a deceptively simple game of logic, Sudoku is puzzling players all over world. Sudoku is easy to learn but a challenge to master.

i taught my 9year-old sister last week how to play this game...it took a little time and more and more explanations for her to understand... and finally she learned.. now she can solve an easy sudoku 9x9 puzzle in about 3mins...good for first timer, i think...!!hehehe

whats funny though is that one of my friends and my cousin, came to me yesterday with big smiles in their face... telling me that they now know how to play this game...it was a shocking thing to know that mi li'l sis taught them how to play...and more is that i never taught them, thinking they would not appreciate the game...hehehehe


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