August 17, 2013

How to file a petition for correction in the child's LAST NAME in his/her Certificate of Live Birth?

What if the last name appearing in your Birth Certificate is wrong?

Take this example:

-Juana is a daughter of Reynaldo Guevarra and Editha Enriquez. 

-Hence, Juana's full name should appear as JUANA ENRIQUEZ GUEVARRA in her Birth Certificate. 

-But in her Birth Certificate, her name appears as JUANA ENRIQUEZ GUEVARA.

-Note that her last name is incorrectly spelled, that is, GUEVARA  instead of GUEVARRA. 

This error, as well as any other error in the spelling in  the last name of a child, can be corrected through a filing a PETITION FOR CORRECTION OF CLERICAL ERROR IN THE CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH in your nearest local Civil Registry Office.

What are the requirements?
a. Birth Certificate for correction
b.1 Birth Certificate / Death Certificate of father (if child's last name is from                                                     his/her father, i.e.,legitimate or acknowledged children)
b.2 Birth Certificate / Death Certificate of mother (if child's last name is from                                                   his/her mother, i.e.,illegitimate or natural children)
c. Marriage Contract of parents ( if parents are married)
d. Birth Certificate of siblings (brothers/sisters)
e. Other documents / IDs that might be required by the local registrar

It should be noted that different Civil Registry Offices would sometimes vary in their requirements.

Zamboanga City Civil Registrar's Office would only require atleast three (3) of the said documents.


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