August 13, 2013

colds... you're keeping me down!

Imagine this:
On my office table are piled up documents begging for my attention. Approved documents need to be forwarded to other division. Clients scheduled for today came just to find out that they have to come again tomorrow since the processing clerk cant make it to work. 

These are some of the scenarios at the office today! I tried but i really cant report today. My colds are strangling me on my bed.

As the rainy seasons came, i should have been more cautious. Since I work in a public service office, and lots of people are having colds and cough, I know I should have taken precaution more seriously! 

I was just wondering, why do i have colds, when in fact i just got a shot of Influenza Vaccine on the 29th of last month!! Is colds not included in that vaccine???? Here are some pics of that:

Anyways, fact is, i'm have colds and i have to deal with it! Now, im GOOGLING on how to get rid of it fast. And here's what i got from wiki how:

In the beginning of your cold you will experience minor symptoms such as running nose, scratchy throat, and minor tiredness. To treat these symptoms and prevent them from reaching the next stage, follow these tips.
  • For the running nose, first get a pot, towel, stove and water and then boil the water in the pot. Once boiling put a lid on it and let it boil for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes remove the lid. Place your head over the steam and then drape a towel over your head and the pot so that the steam stays where you want it to. Breath in deeply and breath out gently. Do this for about 15 minutes every day about 7 times a day and also include at least 2 showers. 1 for mornings and 1 for nights.
  • If possible do this using an inhaler. It is a simple electric kettle for boiling water, with a hole in the lid, so that steam can be inhaled while the water boils. It is safer than bending over a stove, head covered with a towel. Keeping the towel away from the flame (if using a gas stove) can be a challenge if you are focused on inhalation.
  • For the scratchy throat purchase some club soda (also known as sparkling water) and drink as much as you can. Also gargle with salt water 2 to 3 times a day (recommended that it's gargled with after each meal of the day).
  • For the minor tiredness try to get at least 12 hours of sleep for the night and drink black tea. Black tea is the tea that usually has the most caffeine it is still light though and its still healthy for you.
  • If black tea is unavailable drink Green tea. Also try drinking any warm fluid in general as well as drinking a lot orange juice and of course, plenty of water.

Ok, so now i have to gather a pot, water, towel, club soda and get lots of sleep... i hope this will do the trick! Get well soon to me!


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