April 16, 2008

waaaa overtime...!!!

i was from my tutorial today....we had to doubletime, cause we only have 8 sessions remaining and we are barely halfway to finish our coverage...huhuhu

im pretty much tired and exhausted....but the good thing is, my student cooperated very well....she answered all the problems i gave her....even though some are really tough for a 12yr old mind...but she showed interest today, not like our last meeting...waaaaahhhh last meeting was really, i dont know what to call it, a NIGHTMARE maybe....cause it seems that she absorbs nothing last time, maybe she was not in the mood...but i always tell her that, my time is being paid for by her mom and she would not like to waste her mother's money...and i guess she was able to think about it, and ching..!!!now she's in the best shape....

hope that mood wont change next session...dada


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