April 14, 2008

gate crushing(is fun)...hahaha

its summer vacation....and i havent seen my friends for almost 2 weeks, sigh..!!!

i just miss them... i just remember the last time we were together we decided to wander around, actually aimlessly, we dont know where to go and what to do...we just follow where our feet will lead us...we rode bycle with 3wheels, thats what we call tricycad...hehe
we reached a fancy, and famous restaurant, where the foods are so expensive and decided to get in as if we will dine and eat...even though we dont have enough money...but not knowing there is an affair going on, so we "incidentally" GATE CRUSHED..!!haha what a nice experience, we never thought gate crushinh would be that fun...hahaha

ooohhh miss you guys....hoping to see you real soon...!!!
and anticipating for our next experience...


mercyful fate said...

uhm,but its gate crashing not gate crushing..sorry for this comment..i hope this blog will pretty much improve..naah,what the heck..i know you can do it..peace out..

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