March 3, 2008

Meet Mr. Nosebleed

Nosebleed, a very wornout Filipino expression because of its constant use,which means mind grueling,brain wrecking phrases. In short, something highly complex to grasp.
For a better understanding of the word NOSEBLEED, let me introduce to you the perfect personification of this word, meet Mr. Nosebleed!!!

That's what we call him for his exceeding complicated choice of words.

7 minutes of introduction and a total of 1 hour and 30 mins to expolain a short 3-paged report, NOSEBLEED isn't it?

He always use words that are very foreign to us. My classmates unintentionally stare at each other everytime he utter those [nosebleed!!!] words, as if asking "kosa kel???" or " what in the world did that mean??" in English, and with big question marks floating in our heads.

But maybe the problem is not in him! Maybe its in us! (is it??)
Well, it would really not be unusual for an Education student major in English to be very acquainted to those unfathomably profound words.

But it is right to say, that it is justifiable for us Math majors to find it hard to understand those words.

Whats the nicest thing with Mr. Nosebleed?

Well he eats too much of our time, that we have enough time to study our reports.

Lets just give him the benefit of the doubt!!! Good Job Mr. Nosebleed!! Keep It Up!!


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