March 6, 2008


1. An unselfish caring about the interests of the other.
2. Romance often starts slowly, perhaps taking months of years.
3. You are attracted by the other person’s total personality and spiritual qualities.
4. The effect in you is that it makes you a better person.
5. You view the other realistically, seeing his or her faults, yet loving that person.
6. You have disagreements, but you find that you can talk them out and settle them.
7. You want to give and share with other person.

1. Is selfish, restrictive. One thinks, “what does this do for me?”
2. Romance starts fast, perhaps taking hours or days.
3. You are deeply impressed or in the other’s physical appearance. (He has such dreamy eyes.” “She’s got a great figure.”)
4. A destructive, disorganizing effect.
5. Is unrealistic. The other person seems perfect. You ignore any nagging doubts about seriou personality flaws.
6. Arguments are frequent. Nothing really gets settled. Many are “settled” with a kiss.
7. The emphasis is on taking or getting, especially in satisfying sexual urges.

From the book
Young People Ask
Answers That Work


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