May 5, 2009

waaaahhh today il start with mah FIRST JOB....!!!

after grad i have been applying for different jobs in different companies...(eching..!!!)
but i think i havent exerted much effort in my job hunting...

yesterday i was supposed to go to a call center training, since i have been told by my interviewer last friday to do so (i passed the interview ehhh)...!! but i did not..!!!know why?? yesterday i applied for a job...and gez what.... i applied without knowing what were they hiring..!!!hahaha
what was on my mind was this, ' i'll be applying in a government office, and that what matters'....

and now..???now, for a week ill be working as an encoder for the DSWD...hmmmp ill not be working in their office but in a nearby internet cafe...wahaha

wala tau magawa, lets just give this job the benefit of the doubt... on the brighter side, ill now have a true working experience which i can include in my resume for my next applications...(^__^)...

gtg now...!!!(ill have mah shift today on 7am-7pm)....!!!mwah mwah...


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