June 20, 2008


since im a part of the PROJECT PUZZLE i grabbed this post from my ate anniniput...as in, copy paste...hehehe

you can read my original write-up about this PROJECT PUZZLE in mystolenshots, maybe ill be posing it later this afternoon...hope you read it there...

well, heres what my ate anniniput said,

I was given a jigsaw puzzle by ate bing. 1000 pieces of puzzles! Though I love solving puzzles, but this one I decided to just keep it because I don't think I can finish it myself. But last sunday, I was with my friendships, we decided to start the project and finish it as soon as we can. Oh men!!! We really had soooo much fun doing the whole thing! We started last sunday, and we did it for 5 consecutive days, I mean nights. Every after work and school, we meet at the receiving room of our KH. It's a brainstorming of minds and talents,LOL! I really should thank my friendships, I just coudn't do it alone. You know who you are friends...mga certified najud ta aning HALIMAW!!! hihihi! Once again we've proven that if we're together, we can do amazing and beautiful things with our beloved HANDS!





These are just some of the pics we've got during our project puzzle sessions,LOLOLOL! Thanks to ate analou, our official photographer and to all those who supported us during our most nosebleeding moments! See ya again friendships..later we will do the final touch! Please watch out for the finish product. Will post it here s00n! wink!!! Will post it to in my other blog, more pictures coming up!


stolenshots said...

hehehe cute pics...^__^

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