October 31, 2008

..getting tanned..???huh..!!it spoils my day…!!!...

Hmmpp…we’ll be going to the beach this afternoon…!!yup yup yup so excited…!!!read more here…

But know what..??? the idea of getting tanned again….huhuhu makes the fun a little less… MyEm0.Comfor almost a week, I have been using whitening cream, hoping to have a fairer skin by the end of this year.. hehehe but now this beach thing seems to ruin my plans…MyEm0.Com(very chingching ruin daw tlga..??!!!)

hahayz…!!!I guess people really aren’t contented with what they have… the whites wanted to be tanned, while the blacks and not so blacks (brown skinned ba..?? hehehe..) wants to be fairer…

hmmmpp what you think..???? MyEm0.Comwhat’s in…?? tanned brown skin..?? or fair white skin..???


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