June 27, 2008

project tile mosaic- for the CSM walk of fame

yesterday we made a tile mosaic, from the broken tiles provided for us by our College Dean....

there was about 60 boxes of rejected tiles given to our college by a local hardware(since they can't sell it anymore so they just donated it to our college)....

hmmmm....i brought the tile cutter which we used to cut tiles for the letterings....and the other part were from broken, crushed tiles putted together to form mathematical symbols and shapes....

all was well, and the finished product..???huh, out of 5tile-mosaics...ours was the best...!!!true..!!
we actually got a complement from our dean...and told us that we won the 1st prize...!!!

we were really shocked...since we never knew it was a contest among the four departments....well, its really good that we gave our best shot in making it...!!!

hmmmm i do have pics here, but i still cant post it now....i forgot to get my usb chord from my classmate....i hope i can post the pics tomorrow...!!!!


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