April 7, 2008

take care to all..!!!

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its summer time here in the Philippines now, the time when everybody seems to have unloaded their burdens and goes out of their daily or weekly routine (8hrs in their jobs, 8 hrs in school and additional 5hrs studying at home)....
it is during this time that people goes swimming in beaches and resorts, go hiking and lot more fun stuffs....it is the best time for children to enjoy quality time with their parents and to get to know relatives as they visit one house to another... well, i guess this is a part of the Filipino tradition--close family ties...

woooo....wonder what new place were going to discover now..!! who will be added to my friendster list...!! and what adventures lies ahead...!!!

whatever it be, whosoever i'll meet and wherever we go, well im just looking forward for another great summer vacation..!!!da-da..!!


Portia said...

Hi,Happy Summer!Thanks for the visit at my site.I added you already. Nice to meet you online!And yes,let's enjoy the summer!

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