March 11, 2008

1 down, 6 exams to go....

we had our final exam awhile ago......atleast 1 done....
that was in our LIT102, which included the longest epic of the world, the RAMAYANA, another is MAHABHARATA....
the Epic of Rome which is the AENEID, also one of reneissance best literature the DIVINE COMEDY by Dante Aligiehri, A PIECE OF STRING written by Guy de Maussapi, the ANALECTS OF CONFUCIUS, the DARK AGES, the GOLDEN AGE, 1001 AND 1 NIGHTS or the STORY OF SCHEHERAZADE, ALADDIN AND THE MAGIC LAMP...and many more....

weeew....the hard thing is that we have to memorize the weird names and places...they have so many 'H' in their names.....2-3 'Hs' so hard to to spell....NOSEBLEED.....!!!

now, i have to study for my report tomorrow in our ECONOMICS subject....and for our MAJOR exam on thursday.....would you beleive????the coverage of our exam is from the startof the semester..????!!!!!waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

i just hope to pass all exams.....thats all....!!!!!!!


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